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Use Case A Term That Needs More Specific Coinage

The word “Use Case” has become the most sought-after term in business today than ever before and yet the most loosely used one. Advent of 5G and digital technologies are driving the quest for killer use cases like never before. More often than not organizations are trying to figure out what is the most profitable

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6G awaiting its turn in Hype Queue: A underdog with a great impact on your digital strategy!

6G has a vision of data transmission peak speeds in Tbps with ultra-low latency even in ultra-dense connections with high precision positioning with ultra-reliable and safe connections that ensure low power consumption and high energy efficiency with ubiquitous intelligence. Still in its infancy, countries, key industry leaders and standardization bodies around the world have announced

Telco’s Green Goals
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Telco’s Green Goals: Achieving Energy Efficiency With the Use of Digital Technologies and Autonomous Networks

While it is true that energy efficiency can be maximized using renewable energy sources, it is also important to leverage the power of automation and technologies to proactively manage efficient energy consumption. In this article on The Fast Mode, Dr. Jigna illustrates how the energy efficiency from radio to transmission to the core, can be