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Telco’s Green Goals
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Telco’s Green Goals: Achieving Energy Efficiency With the Use of Digital Technologies and Autonomous Networks

While it is true that energy efficiency can be maximized using renewable energy sources, it is also important to leverage the power of automation and technologies to proactively manage efficient energy consumption. In this article on The Fast Mode, Dr. Jigna illustrates how the energy efficiency from radio to transmission to the core, can be

DT is complex, but can be simplified
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DT is complex, but can be simplified with the right approach!

Digital transformation is not at all a simple task. The high failure rates and insignificant returns from the digital efforts, so far speak for the complexity and challenges. With numerous challenges encountered during the journey, the main root cause for these challenges is underestimating the complexity of the interplay of different elements of the organization.

Digital Services Provider
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Digital Services Provider – A new story

Telecommunications is an industry driven by technology disruptions, guided by worldwide standards (ETSI, TMForum, 3GPP etc), controlled by the regulations, extremely sensitive to the demographics and is capital intensive.  A lot is being said recently about how the telecommunication network operators need to have a digital strategy in order to prepare for the future disruptions

Digital transformation for competitive advantage!
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Digital transformation for competitive advantage!

Key success criteria for successful digital transformation! According to the latest report published by TM Forum Digital Transformation Tracker Asia 2020, 60% of the telecommunication service providers in Asia have begun their digital transformation journey, while only 18% of them are deriving some business benefits from the same. As the Telecommunication Service Providers are upbeat